We Live in a “Merry Christmas” World

So here is an article about a guy who got upset when someone wished him a Merry Christmas. He let himself get so upset that he eventually got kicked off an airplane.

The man’s reason for getting upset: he does not celebrate Christmas.

News flash: the western world in general and the United States in particular celebrate Christmas. It is the most celebrated holiday in our culture and there is not a close second. A person is free to not participate, but do not expect everyone else to just stop because you choose not to participate.

I know what some of you are thinking: this man was having Christianity forced on him. I do not buy that. While it is true that Christmas is an important holiday for most Christians, it is also true that in our world, Christmas means many things to many people. Non-Christians celebrate Christmas and think nothing of its religious meaning.

So, if a person decides not to celebrate Christmas and stand against the grain of culture, that is OK. But when you stand against the grain, you can expect to get rubbed the wrong way once in a while.

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