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Think You Are “Green”? Think Again.

So, you always take public transportation because you think it is the “green” thing to do.  Well, it turns out that driving an SUV may be greener than riding the train.  A new study shows that if a broad range … Continue reading

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Is Your Bible Green Enough?

At least one Christian group is promoting a “greener” Christianity.  They have released a Bible made from soy-based fibers and recycled paper.  It also has verses and passages highlighted that are believed to speak of God’s love for His creation and … Continue reading


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The gospel: it’s bigger than us.

A wrong understanding of the gospel leads to an undervaluing of the earth.  A wrong understanding of the gospel leads us to thinking that the sole purpose for our existence is to “win souls” and that nothing else outside of … Continue reading

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Can Christians care for the environment without worshiping nature?

When it comes to caring for the environment, it seems that Christians have often taken an “all-or-nothing” approach.  We argue that environmentalists have taken God out of the equation and disregarded the Bible’s teaching on mankind being created in the … Continue reading

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Do you love trees? I do.

Before reading the rest of this post, please view the following video from YouTube.   So how much do you love trees now?  I have to admit, I have never cried when I saw one that had been cut down.  … Continue reading

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