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We Live in a “Merry Christmas” World

So here is an article about a guy who got upset when someone wished him a Merry Christmas. He let himself get so upset that he eventually got kicked off an airplane. The man’s reason for getting upset: he does … Continue reading

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Some Final Thoughts on Halloween

Over the past few days, I have posted a few things on my Facebook page regarding how Christians should think about Halloween. The general discussion that has taken place has been focused on whether or not Christians should participate in … Continue reading

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Our Role in the World

What is the Christian’s responsibility in the world? This may seem like an easy question at first, but it is one that has been debated for ages. The phrase “be in the world, not of the world” is often cited, … Continue reading

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Do You Allow Your Kids To Do Sleepovers?

I have young daughters and am thinking more and more about how to handle different situations that will eventually arise as they get older. One of those situations is the desire/request to have a sleepover at the home of a … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Says Prayer OK

The Supreme Court has concluded that prayer at council meetings is constitutional.  I guess Martin will not have to un-invite me from their Memorial Day program. You can find reports here and here.

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How Should Christians Think About the Violence of Football?

American football is a violent sport.  There is no secret to the number of injuries that happen on a regular basis.  Over the last few years the concerns of many have focused on the long-term impact of concussions on players, … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Phrase ‘Son of God’

I just received this month’s copy of Christianity Today in the mail.  I have only had time to read the cover story, but it is quite interesting.  It seems that some Bible translators and missionaries to Muslim countries are rethinking … Continue reading

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Please stop saying “And a little child shall lead them”…

Okay, for the millionth time, I have heard someone say “And a little child shall lead them” out of context.  Today it happened on the news as I heard the story of a young boy who is raising money for … Continue reading

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College Students Care Less

A new study from the University of Michigan (if you can trust such a source) shows that college-age students show less empathy today than in previous years.  USA Today reports: Sara Konrath, a researcher at the university’s Institute for Social Research, looked … Continue reading

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Geocentrists Still Exist

I am re-reading a book by one of my former seminary professors.  The book is Don’t Stop Believing and it deals with how Christian belief and action go together. In chapter one, the author makes the point that the more we … Continue reading

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