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Do You Allow Your Kids To Do Sleepovers?

I have young daughters and am thinking more and more about how to handle different situations that will eventually arise as they get older. One of those situations is the desire/request to have a sleepover at the home of a … Continue reading

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One Year as a Dad

I became a dad for the first time on January 10, 2009.  It did not take long to find out that being a dad is hard work.  The hardest part is realizing that there are no vacation days for at … Continue reading

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“It’s Just A Song.”

You have heard the words before.  When questioning a teen about their musical preferences, they reply, “It’s just a song.”  They argue that they like the beat or the melody.  They say that the content of the lyrics does not … Continue reading

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Teens spend 2 hours per week viewing porn. Do yours?

A new study gives us an idea of how teenagers use the Internet.  Some of the highlights are listed below: Teens spend an average of 31 hours per week online They spend nearly 2 hours viewing porn Teens spend 3 … Continue reading

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Gleanings From Childbirth

 My wife and I had one of the greatest experiences of our lives over the last weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, after 29 hours of labor, Rachel and I welcomed our first child into the world.  I am now a proud daddy … Continue reading

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