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We Are Called to Something Bigger

We Christians, at least here in the U. S., have an autonomy problem. We want to figure everything out on our own and we think we know better than anyone else. It seems suspiciously familiar to the root of sin … Continue reading

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Lord’s Day or Sabbath Day

When Christians think of Sundays they often think of it as day of rest. Some even think of the day as a Sabbath day. But where does this idea come from? When and why did Christians begin meeting on Sundays and did … Continue reading

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Our Role in the World

What is the Christian’s responsibility in the world? This may seem like an easy question at first, but it is one that has been debated for ages. The phrase “be in the world, not of the world” is often cited, … Continue reading

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Shroud of Turin a Fake?

Another person has weighed in on the legitimacy of the Shroud of Turin.  An Italian scientist has figured out a way to reproduce the Shroud and the image it contains using material and techniques available in the middle ages.  Scientists … Continue reading

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Did Constantine Invent a New Jesus?

Books like The Da Vinci Code by author Dan Brown have made it popular to believe that our current understanding of Jesus is wrong.  In fact, some would even say that our current understanding of who Jesus is comes as … Continue reading

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Answers Concerning “Angels and Demons”

So, has the newest movie based on a Dan Brown novel, “Angels and Demons”, have you asking questions about Christianity?  Is someone you know asking you questions? Westminster Theological Seminary has an excellent website dedicated to answering questions raised by the movie.  Follow … Continue reading

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What role should Church History play in our understanding of the Bible?

Please select your answer below.  Take the time to share in the comments section why you answered the way you did.

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