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Were you born in a barn? Neither was Jesus.

 In a previous post, I pointed out some of the inaccuracies in our Christmas nativity scenes.  One that I did not mention, but that is probably the most inaccurate feature of all, is where Jesus was born.  Our nativities, songs, … Continue reading

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Enjoy your nativity, even if it is wrong…

‘Tis the season for Christmas decorations and what Christian home would be complete without a nativity scene featuring our new-born Savior? Of course, we can just overlook the historical inaccuracies.  For instance, while it is true that Jesus was wrapped … Continue reading

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How will you spend Black Friday?

Black Friday is coming.  It is only a little over two days away (less for those who choose to get in line early enough for the best deals).  If you are wondering, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  It is … Continue reading

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Christmas in a consumer world

So, my wife and I celebrated Christmas yesterday.  Our day was probably similar to most everyone’s in the U.S.  We woke early and spent the morning exchanging gifts with each other and opening packages sent from family.  After the gift-giving … Continue reading

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Dear Road Rage Christian…

Dear Road Rage Christian,  Hello.  You probably do not remember me, but we crossed paths a little earlier today.  Do you remember?  We were both sitting in our cars outside of Office Depot waiting to turn onto the street.  I … Continue reading

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Christmas Trivia: How well do you know the real story?

So you think you know the true Christmas story?  Take this Christmas quiz and see how well you do.  The answers are given at the bottom of this post, so do not read them before you answer the questions!  You … Continue reading

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