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Does Satan Exist? ABC Nightline Debate

ABC Nightline hosted a debate concerning the existence of Satan.  The debate featured well-known pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church and Annie Lobert against philosopher Deepak Chopra and Bishop Carlton Pearson.  You can watch the debate at the link below: … Continue reading

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Why do “pious” fight death the hardest?

It turns out that those defined as “religious” have a greater desire to prolong life when death seems imminent.  A study that examined 345 patients with terminal cancer found that a religious person was three times more likely to have … Continue reading

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Build-A-Baby: If you could pick the perfect child…

I was reading an article posted on Yahoo! news about how it may be possible in the future to select the genetic traits you want your child to possess.  Want a boy?  No problem.  How about blue eyes?  No problem.  … Continue reading

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Dear Road Rage Christian…

Dear Road Rage Christian,  Hello.  You probably do not remember me, but we crossed paths a little earlier today.  Do you remember?  We were both sitting in our cars outside of Office Depot waiting to turn onto the street.  I … Continue reading

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If we’re all so good, why would 70% of us willingly torture someone?

We all want to believe we are good people.  When we see or hear of others doing horrendous things, we always want to think that we are above such actions.  We say to ourselves, “That person must be crazy.  No … Continue reading

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