Dear Road Rage Christian…

Dear Road Rage Christian,

 Hello.  You probably do not remember me, but we crossed paths a little earlier today.  Do you remember?  We were both sitting in our cars outside of Office Depot waiting to turn onto the street.  I was in the car in front of you waiting to turn left.  You must have been in a hurry because you honked your horn at me as if you were saying, “Hurry up!”  You obviously did not see the car I was waiting for before I made my left turn out of the parking entrance and onto the street.  Or, perhaps you thought I could have “made it” by quickly dashing in front of the oncoming car.  Either way, you seemed to be in a hurry and you were trying to let me know that.

Still do not remember?  Well after I had allowed the oncoming car to pass, I made my left turn and made my way down the street.  You, in an obvious hurry, quickly accelerated past me in a no-passing zone and came within inches of actually brushing my car with yours.  Do you remember that?  Maybe you would remember my face if you saw it because as you drove by you stared me down and had an expression of extreme concentration on your face as if you did not want to ever forget who I was.  I am sure you would remember my face.

I noticed the “Jesus Fish” license plate frame on your car as you drove by.  I also noticed the sticker in your back window of Calvin kneeling before the cross of Christ.  I wanted to catch up to you at the next stop light and ask what those symbols meant to you because they mean a great deal to me.  However, it was not to be.  The light remained green and you continued driving straight while I had to make another left turn and continue home.

Those symbols surely mean something to you though, I am positive.  Otherwise, why have them on your car?  I am guessing that they are meant to declare your allegiance to Christ and your dedication to following His teachings.  I am also sure that they are meant to express your desire to show the world the love and forgiveness that are available to all of the world through Jesus Christ.

I wish you had not been in such a hurry today.  Perhaps you would have been able to show me a little of that love and forgiveness as well for my inferior driving skills.  For that, allow me to say, “I am sorry.”  I realize that today is Christmas Eve and you were probably in a rush to finish your last-minute Christmas shopping and get to the Christmas Eve service at your church where you could worship your Lord.  You had every reason to be angry with me.  I understand. 



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5 Responses to Dear Road Rage Christian…

  1. andeeroo says:

    T – You got me. . . but I stole the car and I’m a Vegan Jintist! (Just kidding). Thoughtful essay.

    Christmas songs of 2008 YOU NEVER HEARD!

  2. Jeff says:

    That was not you Andeeroo, in the car in front of Tim that was me. I know Tim and I know how he drives! Just kidding of course, but it could have been me. You see, I can believe that it is the fault of the driver in front of me that I’m late… it isn’t because I played an extra game of Zuma on the computer rather than leaving a few minutes earlier. Also, I sometimes feel it is my God-appointed duty to teach other drivers a lesson because they drive too slow… or too fast… or differently than I do. This is a part of my personality that I know God wants me to work to change but until I have it under control, you won’t find a fish sticker on the back of my car… God is blamed for thousands of years of man’s evil deeds, I don’t need to add to that burden.

  3. Kelsey says:

    It’s true- having a fish on the back of your vehicle makes you think about how you react while driving…or at least it should. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to flip off the idiots in the car next to me at a stoplight yesterday who whistled at me and hassled me for a full minute until the light finally turned green. Instead, I just ignored them, but to be honest, it was only because I knew they had seen the fish on my truck. Probably not quite the right reasons, but at least I didn’t do anything I regret…this time, anyway.

  4. Jon_York says:

    I thought your story was about me until you said the thing about the license plate frame. No, No not really!…
    I don’t keep any bumper stickers or identifying symbols on my beat-up pick-up so I can drive like an unbeliever any time I need to … Oh wait …No, No, No not really!… Anything for a laugh. Forget everything I said up until now! Just forget it. Forget how I tried to make you laugh, this is serious man.

    I drive all day… grrrr. it is surprising what people will do to get in front of a trash truck even when I’m turning right and will be out-ta-da-way in a split second! Passing mere feet before a stop sign. Passing with oncoming traffic, I see it all day. One GIRL *surprises* passed me on the right before I was to make a right turn! I saw her coming; she got into the dirt and dusted me at about 40mph! WOW! I was surprised that it was a girl, looked to be in her teens.
    Our safety meetings tell us,”Don’t try to teach other drivers lessons while you are driving.” Stop and wait. It’s worth it.

    My wife asks me why I’m so beat after work. “All you do is sit down all day.” Yeah ..but sit on tight cheeks!

    Don’t be sorry Tim … just don’t take it personal … I can’t. Can you imagine the inferiority complex personality of a sensitive trash truck driver… as if ..Oops I’d better git out of the way quick-here comes another one of those “upp-ity” rich guy drivers Aahhh!

    Peace on earth … good will to all who love His Glorious appearing!

    Drive safely!

  5. Tim Farley says:

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. This really did happen to me Christmas Eve. When I saw the license plate bracket and the sticker in the window, my heart broke. I wanted to confront the guy and ask him if he knew that his behavior was a poor reflection on Christ. I have to admit though, my behavior is a poor reflection on Christ at times as well. This was just a startling reminder to me that everything I do matters. As one of Christ’s representatives, I have to be aware of how others see Him through me at all times.

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