How will you spend Black Friday?

Black Friday is coming.  It is only a little over two days away (less for those who choose to get in line early enough for the best deals).  If you are wondering, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  It is the official kick-off for the heavy Christmas shopping season.  Why the name “Black Friday”?  Well, it’s the day that stores traditionally have begun to make money for the year.  From Black Friday on, stores are “in the black”, or making a profit.

The day has really become a holiday in and of itself.  I know many who year-after-year go out in the early morning hours in hopes of grabbing a bargain that is too good to be true while others go just to experience the excitement in the air.  I went out for the first time three years ago.  It was the last time for me.  The stores were packed at 7am.  The lines at Best Buy ran the entire perimeter of the store.  No deal was good enough for me to wait that long.

But Black Friday is more than just a special shopping day.  It is a day that seems to truly reflect our attitudes towards the Christmas holiday.  The day that Christians are to remember the birth of their Savior, in reality is nothing more than a material world in blatant self-indulgence.  How did it come to this?  How did our appetite for more become so bad that we now even have a shopping holiday?  How do you spend your Black Fridays?

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1 Response to How will you spend Black Friday?

  1. Davo says:

    Preach it!

    This part of our culture makes me angry. The way that companies have latched on to, and in some cases even created, holidays is an ominous indicator of this country’s values. Like you said, Black Friday is now essentially a holiday. I’ve not done any official research into it, but I’ve heard that Valentines Day was essentially created to sell diamonds.

    Perhaps instead of celebrating Black Friday by engaging in gluttonous over-consumption, we should take a break. Consequently, this upcoming Friday is Buy Nothing Day. I’ll probably spend my Friday celebrating that.

    Why anyone would want to stress themselves out so much after the most homey holiday of the year is beyond me.

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