Christmas Trivia: How well do you know the real story?

So you think you know the true Christmas story?  Take this Christmas quiz and see how well you do.  The answers are given at the bottom of this post, so do not read them before you answer the questions!  You can post your results in the comments area below if you would like. 

 1. For the journey to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph…

  • a. Walked
  • b. Joseph walked while Mary rode on a donkey
  • c. Rode a bus
  • d. The Bible does not say

2. Who directed Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

  • a. Herod
  • b. An Angel
  • c. Caesar
  • d. The IRS

3. How many angels spoke to the shepherd?

  • a. A multitude
  • b. Two: Gabriel and Michael
  • c. One
  • d. Who knows?

4. The baby Jesus was born in a…

  • a. Cave
  • b. Manger
  • c. Barn
  • d. Who knows?

5. What animals were present at Jesus’ birth?

  • a. Cows, sheep and camels
  • b. Cows, sheep and donkeys
  • c. Lions, tigers and bears
  • d. None of the above

6. What is a manger anyway?

  • a. A Barn
  • b. A place for hay
  • c. A feeding trough
  • d. A Greek word for a nursery

7. Who saw the star over Bethlehem?

  • a. Mary and Joseph
  • b. Shepherds
  • c. The three kings
  • d. Both B and C
  • e. None of the above

8. What sign were the shepherds to look for?

  • a. A star over the stable
  • b. A barn outlined with Christmas lights
  • c. A baby in a manger
  • d. Both A and C

9. How many wise men came to see Jesus?

  • a. One
  • b. Three
  • c. Twelve
  • d. The Bible does not say

10. What in the world are “Magi” anyway?

  • a. Eastern kings
  • b. Magicians
  • c. Astrologers
  • d. None of the above

11. Where did the wise men find Jesus when they brought their gifts to him?

  • a. In a manger
  • b. In a house
  • c. In a church
  • d. None of the above

12. What does the name “Jesus” mean?

  • a. God with us
  • b. Chosen by Yahweh
  • c. Lamb of God
  • d. Salvation of Yahweh




  • 1. D
  • 2. C (Luke 2:1)
  • 3. C (Luke 2:10)
  • 4. D (Luke 2:7 – not told where he was born, only that he was laid in a manger afterwards)
  • 5. D (The Bible does not mention animals being present)
  • 6. C
  • 7. E (Matthew 2:1-2 – Wise men, or “Magi”, saw the star. Three kings are only mentioned in songs.)
  • 8. C (Luke 2:12)
  • 9. D (Matthew 2:12 – the Bible only says that they brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh)
  • 10. C
  • 11. B (Matthew 2:11)
  • 12. D
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3 Responses to Christmas Trivia: How well do you know the real story?

  1. Kelsey says:

    Cool quiz!
    Perfect score 🙂
    I learned everything I know from watching “The Nativity Story” in theaters a couple years ago.

  2. Andrew says:

    What do you know! I got a perfect score too, at least the second time around. Kelsey, I watched “The Nativity Story” a couple days ago and while I thought it was well done in some aspects, I didn’t like others. For instance, it kept to the formula of three Kings, their arrival right after his birth etc.. I wish they would have mixed it up a little bit, had 15 wise men or something and had their arrival later when they see Jesus in a house as the Bible states. I understand the nativity scene is just a symbol but it is a little misleading in aspects like these. I also thought they made some of the characters, Mary in particular, too perfect, almost as if she was a flawless human being which I believe is untrue. But I suppose this is straying off topic and I should probably stop now. But good quiz, always harder than it looks!

  3. Jon_York says:


    Thanks I needed that.

    1A (d) 6C 11B
    2B(c) 7C(d) 12D
    3A(c) 8C
    4B(d) 9D
    5B(d) 10C

    6/12 FAIL

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