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A. N. Wilson: Christian turned Atheist turned Christian

Writer A. N. Wilson has published an article in the New Statesman explaining why he has turned from atheism to Christianity.  Wilson, who was an atheist for 20 years discusses why he left Christianity to begin with and what led … Continue reading

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Is Richard Dawkins Interested in Real Discussion?

I found this interesting interview with Michael Ruse.  In the interview, Ruse accuses Richard Dawkins, and the new atheists, of not engaging in honest discussion over the topics they write so much about.  Watch and tell me what you think.

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Forget actually talking to people, just place your thoughts on a bus

There is an interesting war of words going on.  It seems that humanists and Christians are duking it out on the sides of buses. Atheists groups recently started running ads such as “Why believe in God?  Just be good for goodness’ sake.”  And “There’s … Continue reading

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Do you love trees? I do.

Before reading the rest of this post, please view the following video from YouTube.   So how much do you love trees now?  I have to admit, I have never cried when I saw one that had been cut down.  … Continue reading

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