Opening Thoughts…

Hi everyone.  I have been wrestling with the idea of starting a blog like this for quite some time now.  I am excited about interacting with those of you who will be reading and posting your thoughts.  However, I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of time this could potentially take to do well.  I hope you will all bear with me as I get started over the next several days.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss how our beliefs about God and his word (theology) shape how we live our lives.  It is my intention to share topics I come across in news articles or other places and discuss them here.  I am hoping that these discussions will help each of us as we seek to live our lives to the fullest and to the glory of God.

I welcome any comments by those who do not believe in God or have other ideas of God than my Christian beliefs.  I only ask that all who post here do so with respect for others.  Please do not use profanities of any kind, launch personal attacks, or resort to name calling.  As owner of this blog, I reserve the right to delete any posts I feel are inappropriate.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!



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1 Response to Opening Thoughts…

  1. Ben A says:

    I have thought the same thing — it’d be great to write down what’s been going through my head. Maybe you’ll inspire me. 😀

    Have fun with it!

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