Looking for “Theology Meeting Life”?

If you are looking for the website “Theology Meeting Life” you are in the right place.  However, the name has been changed.  Why?  Because the traffic on the site is growing and I decided to register the domain rather than continuing to go with the free WordPress domain.  If you look at the URL above, you will notice you are at http://theologicallyspeaking.com , not https://timothyfarley.wordpress.com.  Either address should get you to this site, but if you are pulling RSS feeds for updates, you may need to change the address you have associated with this site.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone.  The topics we discuss on this site will still be focused on how Christian belief influences how we live.  Let me know how you like the new name.

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  1. Ben A says:

    I like it!

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