Why we do the things we do – VBS Edition

VBS (Vacation Bible School) is in full force at my church.  It has been a busy week.  I was thinking to myself Monday as I was finishing up some final preparation: “Why do we do this?”  I mean, if you have ever been involved in VBS, you are probably aware of how tiring and time-consuming it really is.  I was exhausted last night – and it was only Wednesday!  I still have today and tomorrow to go.

But I do know why we do it.  I am reminded every time I see the kids smiling, laughing, and enjoying time with each other and their leaders.  For whatever reason, the kids love VBS.  For me, that is all I need to know.

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4 Responses to Why we do the things we do – VBS Edition

  1. aaron says:

    Knowing you, I think you do this for the same reaosn my wife does what she does, you can’t “not” do it. Good for you for following your dream.

  2. Rachel says:

    🙂 I know you’re exhausted when you’re in bed before I am every night of the week. You’re right though – the kids do love it. I remember VBS being the highlight of my summer as a kid, and I look forward to Sarah having that experience!

  3. layrenewal says:

    Don’t take offense before I explain, but kids do NOT love VBS. Kids love seeing Christ.

    The Resource Center of LRM sells discounted VBS material to churches across the United States. Because of the discounts, we serve a lot of churches. Honestly, there are “checklist” churches and “Jesus” churches.

    Those who do it because it is always done, fail. (You can hear it in their voices or see it on their faces.) They still may have lots of kids, but the really no long term results. It’s on and off their checklist. The kids don’t take anything long-lasting home with them or return to “see Christ” year round.

    Those who do it because they love kids and want to share Christ succeed. It doesn’t have to be flashy or highly attended (but often grow during the week). The ones that kids love are the ones where kids “see Christ” in the leaders. They want to come back because they want more of HIM!

    Keep going as long as God puts it on your heart!

  4. Tim Farley says:


    Don’t worry, I am not offended. I agree that VBS, and every other ministry, must be about showing people Christ. I also agree that churches that simply have lists of things to do because they always do them fail.

    When I talk to people, whether they are fellow pastors or simply lay people who are involved in ministry, I can tell the difference between those who are serving with an understanding of their role to point others to Christ and those who simply serve because they are running a program that the church has always run. The former love what they do and generally have a positive attitude, while the latter are usually less enthusiastic and have a negative outlook.

    Go to a church that believes in what it is doing vs. one that is simply running programs. You will quickly see the difference.

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