PETA Wants to Save the Whales (a.k.a. Overweight Women)

PETA-SAVE-THE-WHALES-large Take a look at this PETA billboard.  Exactly who is PETA referring to as a whale?  Seems pretty degrading to women if you ask me.

PETA’s ad claims that going vegetarian is the way to lose weight.  But that is not really what PETA is about, is it?  Aren’t they more concerned with their radical positions on protecting animals.  I am not sure they care about anyone’s health.  That is not their motivation.  All they really desire is that you do not eat meat because that involves the death of animals.

Here is a link to an interview with a PETA spokesperson about this ad:

What do you think?  Is the ad degrading?  Does it help PETA get their message out?

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3 Responses to PETA Wants to Save the Whales (a.k.a. Overweight Women)

  1. Kelsey says:

    Ouch! That is a TERRIBLE billboard!
    Here are my immediate reactions, as a vegetarian and a female:
    – This is disrespectful to anyone who feels bad about their bodies, whether they are actually overweight again, and especially to women.
    -This makes vegetarians look mean.
    -Being a vegetarian does not guarantee weight-loss (honestly), and that’s not really the right reason to go vegetarian anyway.

  2. Ben A says:

    What Kelsey said.

    PETA’s purpose is like this (in this order):

    – We want to shock people
    – We want to insult people we don’t like
    – We want to be known
    – We want people to treat animals with respect

    If I were to put up a giant billboard that said “Get more protein. Eat less vegetables.” and then I put a pic of a quadriplegic in his electric wheelchair by the text, I’d get some nasty phone calls. PETA gets the nasty phone calls, I’m sure, but they seem to really get away with that sort of thing.

    I don’t know what to do about PETA. Mostly, I ignore them. But some of their points are really good.

  3. Tim Hunter says:

    I was glad to see on Fox news the ‘Save the Whales’ billboard was replaced. You people make me sick, your gross promotional tactics suck! Do you actually feel you can make a differance by creating yourselves as ugly people. Grow up, get a life!

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