Do we know how to abound?

I have been carrying around the following quote in my Bible for years.  It comes from Spurgeon and it is on abundance in light of Philippians 4:12:

Let not the gifts thy love bestows estrange our hearts from thee.

Have the gifts of God caused us to feel no need for him?  Does God withhold things from us because he knows they will keep us from him?

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2 Responses to Do we know how to abound?

  1. Ben A says:

    My friend and I were just talking about this today. He has a step-son who, upon coming to the faith, has had this all happen to him in a very short time:

    1) He lost his thumb, but doctors were able to reattach it with no nerve damage

    2) He had no health insurance for the thumb, but a church in a town where he doesn’t even live footed the bill for him

    3) He lost his job, but has yet to go without work (lots of small 1-2 day jobs)

    4) His wife, for the first time in a long time, got a job just as he lost his

    (btw, his wife’s official explination from a hospital of why she is still alive is “A miracle.” She had something that was incurable and absolutely lethal. But then, after a lot of praying, the problem completely dissolved. This was before his coming to faith)

    5) He was hanging out with old friends (who he was advised to leave) and one of them slipped him a drug (some sort of hallucinagen, I think) and gave him a gun. He went home and shot at his head multiple times. The bullets wouldn’t fire for some unexplainable reason.

    6) After failure to kill himself, high on some drug, he got in his car and then was pulled over (he was already on probation for something) — he went to jail for the night (which helped save his life)

    7) The automatic sentence was supposed to be 3-5 years, but the judge said since he was trying to live a good life, he was going to go easy on him and give him 30 hours of community service instead

    After all of that in a period of just a few months, he just said yesterday something like “Besides salvation, what is God doing for me?” (not a direct quote, but the essence is there)

    Although I’m not as blatant, I think I’m blind to what God is working in my life. Maybe it’s important for me to ask others what they see God doing in/for/with me.

  2. Tim Farley says:


    I think we all do this to some degree. God blesses us in some way. The thing he blesses us with becomes our focus.

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