New Sermon Series in the Works

I am currently in the middle of a sermon series on the book of 1 Peter. I will be in this series for several more weeks, but I am already beginning to do some groundwork on the next series. The problem is, I have a few ideas and want to get some input.

Here are some options that I am pondering:

1. A series on heaven, since the recent movie (based on the fast-selling book) Heaven Is For Real has people talking and confused about this topic.

2. A series on The Sermon on the Mount. I have been wanting to do a series on this for a couple of years, but the timing has never seemed quite right.

3. Something from the Old Testament since I have been in the New for the last two series. Perhaps Ruth.

Let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to New Sermon Series in the Works

  1. Sara says:

    I dislike sermons on heaven since so many people are normally very subjective and add a lot to the scriptures. I don’t feel you would but that is my opinion since asked 😉

    I love the sermon on the mount but have heard it many times.

    I love the book of Ruth…but would rather hear a sermon series from a lesser studied OT book such as the minor prophets.

  2. Tim Farley says:

    Well, there goes all of my ideas! 😉

  3. Sara says:

    LOL no no…you are the pastor you do what you feel led to do 😀

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