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Do You Allow Your Kids To Do Sleepovers?

I have young daughters and am thinking more and more about how to handle different situations that will eventually arise as they get older. One of those situations is the desire/request to have a sleepover at the home of a … Continue reading

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New Sermon Series in the Works

I am currently in the middle of a sermon series on the book of 1 Peter. I will be in this series for several more weeks, but I am already beginning to do some groundwork on the next series. The problem … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Says Prayer OK

The Supreme Court has concluded that prayer at council meetings is constitutional.  I guess Martin will not have to un-invite me from their Memorial Day program. You can find reports here and here.

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How Should Christians Think About the Violence of Football?

American football is a violent sport.  There is no secret to the number of injuries that happen on a regular basis.  Over the last few years the concerns of many have focused on the long-term impact of concussions on players, … Continue reading

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It Has Always Been About Grace

Amazing Grace is a song that everyone knows.  I bet even your unbelieving family and friends know at least some of the words.  What amazes me is that most people, even non-Christians, like the song. Well, it is a good … Continue reading

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Logos Bible Software Church Curriculum

I am currently reviewing curriculum put together by Logos Bible Software as part of their Studies in Faithful Living series.  The curriculum I am exploring is Abraham: Following God’s Promise. I love the concept of this series from Logos.  The … Continue reading

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The Bible in Context: 1 Corinthians 2:9

1 Corinthians 2:9 is a favorite verse for those who like to talk about the future joys of heaven.  It sounds great: What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared … Continue reading

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The Bible in Context: Philippians 4:8

Quoting Scripture from memory can be a wonderful thing.  But, as with most things, there are also dangers.  How often have you heard someone recite a verse in an effort to offer biblical wisdom to a situation only to realize … Continue reading

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What To Do With Books I Own In Multiple Formats?

I have been moving to ebooks.  I have made this move not necessarily out of a greater love for the electronic format, but out of the convenience of being able to have access to so much information (my entire library) … Continue reading

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Are You “Filled” with the Spirit?, Part 2 – A Question

In my last post, I said that the Holy Spirit is a person.  One question I have received regarding this is what I mean by this statement. Well, let me clarify.  When we say that the Father, Son and Spirit are … Continue reading

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