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Can a “Successful” Church Fulfill its Calling?

Yesterday, I posted asking if you preferred a large church or a small church.  Today, I want to quote a couple of paragraphs from a book I am reading and ask for your response.  This quotation is taken from Ruth … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, Rick Warren, and Gay Rights Activists: A Strange Combo

So, Barack Obama has invited Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven Life author and pastor of mega-church Saddleback Church in southern California, to deliver the invocation at his inaugural address.  “What is so strange about that?” you ask.  Well, Obama was … Continue reading

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Am I intolerant if I believe gay marriage is wrong?

As I sat and listened to two college-age students discuss the outcome of the elections a few days ago, I was not surprised when I heard the conversation turn to Proposition 8.  (For those not in California, Proposition 8 was … Continue reading

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