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How do you feel about Rick Warren’s Inaugural Invocation?

Here is the text from Rick Warren’s prayer at the Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.  Warren and Obama have come under attack from the right and the left leading up to this event regarding Obama’s choice of Warren and the … Continue reading

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Should Rick Warren’s inaugural prayer include Jesus Christ?

It seems that the Rick Warren debate is not solely about his stance on same-sex marriage.  Now there are many nervous and distraught over whether or not Warren will pray a decidedly Christian prayer during the Presidential inauguration.  By praying … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, Rick Warren, and Gay Rights Activists: A Strange Combo

So, Barack Obama has invited Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven Life author and pastor of mega-church Saddleback Church in southern California, to deliver the invocation at his inaugural address.  “What is so strange about that?” you ask.  Well, Obama was … Continue reading

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