Follow the Leader…Right Into “Meltdown”

california-state-flagI have lived in California for nearly three years now and I have confirmed in my time here that Californians take pride in their state.  Why are they proud?  Because California sets the pace of our nation – at least that’s what Californians believe.  We are on the cutting edge in almost every area of technology, environmental concern, social concern, etc., etc.

Well, California is showing that it does not have all of the answers.  In fact, it may be showing the rest of the country that it would be better off finding its “leader” elsewhere.  The state’s budget is in such a mess that the state could run out of money in 50 days.  How is that possible?  California already taxes its people at a higher rate than almost every other state in the country.  Is it possible that some of those cutting edge programs that we like to take pride in are really beyond our means (even if they are good ideas)?

The state budget deficit in California is at such an extreme condition that the state is actually considering eliminating the welfare system.  Of course, there is also a discussion about raising the taxes of an already over-taxed population.  How will this thing end?  For those Californians reading, are you concerned?

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