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Follow the Leader…Right Into “Meltdown”

I have lived in California for nearly three years now and I have confirmed in my time here that Californians take pride in their state.  Why are they proud?  Because California sets the pace of our nation – at least … Continue reading

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When you’re desperate for money, anything goes

The economic situation has impacted us all.  We have become creative in our attempts to cut our spending and increase our income.  Well, the State of California is becoming creative too.  They are discussing a way to bring more income … Continue reading

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Who to Protect When the Prisons are Full?

All across the country, prisons are overflowing.  In California, the prison system has nearly double the number of inmates that it is designed to hold.  The overcrowding has led to unsafe working conditions for prison employees, inadequate medical facilities to care for … Continue reading

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