A Great Way to Read Through the Bible

I have read through the Bible many times over the years using many different plans: cover-to-cover, chronological, both Old and New Testament readings each day, etc.  However, I have found one thing to be true about all of the reading plans I have tried.  I would read, read, read, but I never consistently found myself actually applying what I had just read to my life.  I was reading for information, not application.  I was able to check a box at the end of the day signifying completion of the task, but it seemed a bit hollow.

Well, this year, our church came across a new resource that I am very excited about.  It is called LifeWalk.  It comes in a magazine format and is published monthly.  Like every Bible reading plan, each day, LifeWalk asks you to read a few chapters from the Bible.  However, it does not stop there.  The guide has a daily overview to help you understand what you just read plus a daily devotional thought that helps the reader apply a key part of the day’s reading to his/her life.

We have nearly 100 people reading through their Bibles this year using LifeWalk and many of them have shared with me how much they are enjoying the journey this time.  Like me, many of them have shared that moving from information to application has always been a huge struggle.  LifeWalk has helped to bridge that gap.

Have you ever used LifeWalk to read through the Bible?  What are your thoughts?

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